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Contact Us

Company address

2160 N CENTRAL RD 204
FORT LEE, NJ 07024, United States

Contact Informations

: info@orobos.nyc
: (201) 482- 0900

About us

We spend our allotted time becoming who and what we choose to be. Choices of clothing is an important part of what we project to others, and how we see ourselves. It is a part of our ongoing history. At Orobos N.Y.C. we have brought together an outstanding group of young, talented, dedicated global designers, that dream of creating for the future to be worn in the now. We call them "THE NEW GROUP" Their designs are inspired by a World Community, incorporating the best of various cultures in silhouettes, fabrics, details, fit, and special touches. The result is unique, tasteful, honest, and represents the best of Orobos N.Y.C.